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👋 Hi there and welcome! This is my little place on the web for me to showcase projects, travel story's, programming exploits. But really its just a place to vomit out whatever comes to my mind!

Hello World

12 September 2020

For those not in the know:

“A “Hello, World!” program generally is a computer program that outputs or displays the message “Hello, World!”. It is often the first program written by people learning to code.” 1

Not really sure why I’m making this… I guess its just a place to dumb my thoughts, stories, feelings, and code. Not that I really expect anyone to read it. I think it just satisfies my need need to have more use of tech in my life.

I really just wanted to try out two things:

Github Pages

Mainly so I could stop paying something like 20 bucks a year for web site hosting


Programmer Warning (Skip if you’re not a programmer): This is actually some really neat tech. Its a tool for static websites. Using markdown, it as a data system. Theres a build system that will embed the markdown within the html (and styling too) Making it super fast. No fetching from databases, its all embed and done at build time.

Plus if you’re a nerd like me. You can do your editing within a code editor and use markdown formatting. Theres a little more hackery than that going on, it has some more special formatting for image galleries and code snippets 🤓.

All in all, pretty neat stuff. Since all the code and data lives in a git repo, its fun and easy to manage. Lastly, its supported by GitHub Pages, so the build system is built right into the repo through Github Action, it just werks. With this template, setup was like 30 mins

But tell me about the content

Well you can expect the following:

  • Random rants and rambling (about coding, and life)
  • Travel Updates, Pictures, and (hopefully) funny stories
  • Probably some reasonable dank memes
  • Cool things I do in code

While you’re here be sure to check out some of my other stuff!

  • I show off all my games/projects in the Projects section
  • Per the above jekyll section, there’s no comments on posts, so if you want to contact me, try the social media icons in the menu or Contact page.

Well, if you made it this far, you’re a truly special person and deserve a cookie, so here 🍪