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Jerry the Bear

AR game for children with Type 1 Diabetes

Influence & Achievements

Jerry the Bear is a plush bear with Type 1 Diabetes. The app is designed for kids with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes). Kids learn how to treat Jerry using Augmented Reality games and fun storybooks. On Jerry the Bear, I worked with this small team to push out multiple feature updates, system overhauls and bug fixes.

On this project I worked heavily with all parts of the client. With a team of just 2 engineers, we both had to take a lot of ownership. Basically we both would wear all the hats. From Architecting game systems to UI, it really feels like we all had true ownership of this app.

While on the project:

  • Streamlined internal systems of the app
  • Help refactor systems into there own modular libraries to be used within Sproutel’s other applications.
  • Develop performance optimizations to target low-end devices.
  • Create in-house localize system supporting text and audio.

Gameplay Images

Check out some images of the game!

Pretty cool, huh?

All and all, this was an amazing project to work on! If you want to see if for yourself, try it on your mobile device!

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